Health & Safety 健康与工业安全
Our Commitment Towards

1.Quality 2.Health & Safety 3.Clean & Safe Workplace 4.Environment
品质 健康与工业安全 干净安全的工作场所 环境

Policy  政策
LIH MEI INDUSTRIAL SDN.BHD. which is involved in manufacturing of masking paper recognize its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health to the workers. LIH MEI INDUSTRIAL SDN.BHD. is committed:

  1. To at least comply with applicable health and safety laws and other relevant requirements;

  2. To continual improvement of the OH&S Management System;

  3. To eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks;

  4. To promote an open channel of consultation and participation of workers related with OH&S Management System


一) 承诺遵守有关职业健康和安全法规与其他相关要求

二) 持续改善职业健康与安全管理体系

三) 排除危险源以降低职业健康与安全风险

四) 确保员工的咨询与参与纳入在职业健康与安全管理体系中


Objective  目标
  1. To achieve zero cases of Notice of Violation   (Notices of Violation are relevant to occupational health and safety performance)      无违反法律事件

  2. To achieve zero cases of major accidents    (Major accidents require medical treatment with four or more day off)                            无严重意外事件

  3. To achieve zero cases of near-miss incidents   (Near-miss incidents cause no direct harm, but have the potential to do so)        无小微意外事件

ISO Certification     
ISO 45001:2018

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